The 2021 Chapter-A-Day Read-Along

Old Books

The 2021 Chapter-A-Day Read-Along is being hosted by Nick at One Catholic Life. It’s another one of his excellent yearly read-alongs and this time it’s a literal train of books. I was really excited when I heard about it, as it contains two books that I’ve been meaning to read and other old favourites.  And a chapter per day …. what could be easier?

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Where Love Is, God Is by Leo Tolstoy

Christmas StoriesWhere God Is, Love Is

Martin Avdéitch is an honest and hard-working shoemaker who lives in the basement of a building with only one window where he can gaze out on the street and see people’s feet passing by. Although his work keeps him busy with little time for socializing, he recognizes the people from seeing their boots as they pass.  His wife, poor dear, is dead, as are his many children, however one little boy is still with him and while he thinks of sending him to live with relatives, he decides to keep him with him for company.  Yet, alas, his son passes away from an illness and Martin is left all alone.

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Christmas at Thompson Hall by Anthony Trollope

Christmas StoriesChristmas at Thompson Hall

Those of you who have read Anthony Trollope’s novels know that he is a master of the art of character creation.  Each of the people who populate his novels have distinct personalities that bring them alive to the reader and draw them into his world.  With a short story, however, I wondered if Trollope’s fine skills would hold up using a smaller palette.  And so I began to read Christmas at Thompson Hall with a somewhat apprehensive curiosity.


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Back To The Classics Challenge 2021

back to the classics challenge 2021

Back to the Classics Challenge 2021 is hosted by Karen at Books and Chocolate and I’m so appreciative that she’s hosting it again this year.  I wasn’t going to join ….. in fact, I wasn’t going to join any challenges this coming year.  But I couldn’t resist.  It will at least give me a list to focus on.  And so, I’ll give it a go ….

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The Mystery of the Blue Train by Agatha Christie

The Mystery of the Blue Train: “It was close on midnight when a man crossed the Place de la Concorde.”


Detective: Hercule Poirot

Published: March 1928 (9th published book)

Length: 317 pages

Setting: St. Mary Mead, England; Nice, France



Coming off the terribly constructed, overdramatized plot of The Big Four, I was very hesitant to continue my chronological Christie reads, but continue I have with The Mystery of The Blue Train.  Fortunately, Christie redeemed herself somewhat in my eyes and I did quite enjoy this mystery.

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