Deal Me In Challenge 2021

Deal Me In Challenge

Jay at Bibliophilica hosts the Deal Me In Challenge every year and it’s one of my favourite challenges. Even considering the fact that I’ve been abysmal with even getting halfway through this challenge the past few years, I’m still going to participate in the Deal Me In Challenge 2021.  Why, you ask?  Well, I do have a very good reason ….

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2021 Reading Schedule January to June

View of Ornans and Its Church Steeple

View of Ornans and Its Church Steeple (1858) Gustave Courbet ~ source Wikiart

2021 is almost upon us and already I have a couple of challenges planned, a read-along and a few buddy reads.  I first saw on Fanda’s blog her posted reading schedule and thought, “what a great idea.”  Then when Ruth asked if I write out my TBR for the year I wondered if someone “up there” was trying to tell me something.  So even though lists are not my favourite things, a list it is.  To keep me on track, of course!

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