Shadow of the Moon by M.M. Kaye

“Winter!  Who ever heard of such a name?”

Set during the great Indian Sepoy Mutiny of 1857, Shadow of the Moon follows the life of Winter, Condesa de Ballesteros who is the daughter of a Spanish nobleman and an English mother.  Leaving India for England an orphan at the age of six, she is raised by her great-grandfather the Earl of Ware, but a match is made for her at the tender age of eleven to a man twenty years her senior, and at seventeen she prepares to leave for India escorted by Captain Alex Randall, the subordinate of her betrothed, Conway Barton, the Commissioner of the Lunjore district.  From the beginning, Winter is attracted to Randall’s self-confident demeanour and somewhat brash independence, yet while she appreciates his care of her, she is also affronted at times by his behaviour and the two develop a mutual attraction that is complicated by circumstance and convention.  Although Winter remembers her fiancé as a rather jovial pleasant figure who offers safety and security, Randall is convinced that once she sees the debauched, womanizing lout, nothing in the world would convince her to marry him. 

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The Home and the World Read-Along

Cirtnecce from Mockingbirds, Looking Glasses and Prejudices is hosting a read-along this August of The Home and the World, a novel that explores early 20th century India and the contrast between new ideas and old, a clash between tradition and progress. For this work, the author, Rabindranath Tagore, became the first Non-European Nobel Prize winner.  Not to mention it’s the 100th anniversary since the novel’s publication date in 1916, so what better time to read it!

I know so little about Indian history that I’m very excited to be adding to my small fount of knowledge.  Cirtnecce, with her vast knowledge of her country, will be guiding us through, not only the book, but the peripheral issues such as the political background of the time and the role of women in society.

It’s going to be an excellent read-along …. I can already tell.  So please join us beginning August 1st!