The Christmas Present by Richmal Crompton

The Christmas Present“Mary Clay looked out of the window of the old farmhouse.”

I’ve deviating from my Everyman Christmas compilation with a Christmas story out of a collection of Librivox short stories.  The Christmas Present was written by Richmal Crompton, an English woman author, and is a curious story in more ways than one.  Let’s find out why …



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The Great Ideas ~ The Uniqueness of Man

The Answer to Darwin

My, it’s been a long time since I posted on an essay/talk from this project.  Even though I was so excited to get to the next section on love, this series on Darwin finally stalled me.  It was interesting but after 4 essays delving into Darwin and evolution, I was approaching a stupor.  So with some time passed, I’m determined to get through this last essay!

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