The Art of Loving ~ The Theory of Love Part I

Chivalry Dying of Love for the Goddess

Chivalry Dying of Love for the Goddess (1817-1845) Eleanor Fortesque-Brickdale ~ source Wikimedia Commons

Hmmm …. this is interesting.  When I first read this book it was like I was having an epiphany but with my second read through it, it’s not grasping me like it did the first time.  Have I matured?  Have Fromm’s ideas already percolated? Were Lewis’ descriptions of the different loves more enlightening and deeply resonating? I’m not sure, but on we go!

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The Art of Loving ~ Is Love An Art?

The Sermon of Love

The Sermon of Love Jean Honore Fragonard
~ source Wikiart

And thus we begin our read-along of The Art of Loving, beginning with the first chapter: Is Love An Art?  In his Preface, Fromm cautions us not to expect easy instruction in the art of loving and, in fact, acquiring this art is a rare accomplishment because of our lack of qualities necessary to love.  However that does not mean we mustn’t try.

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The Art of Loving and On Friendship Read-Along

On Friendship How to Be a Friend Cicero

As I mentioned in my Books of Autumn post, after my C.S. The Four Loves read-along I’ve been interested in reading more books on the same subject with two in mind: The Art of Loving by Erich Fromm and On Friendship by Marcus Tullius Cicero. So with a little prodding (you know who you are, lol!) I’ve decided to host a read-along for both of them during the month of October.  It’s a little bit of short notice, I know, but The Art of Loving is a mere 120-ish pages and On Friendship is an essay, so please join in any time you can; if you can’t start on the 1st, it will be easy to catch up.

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