Wharton and Gone With the Wind …………

No, Wharton doesn’t have anything to do with Gone With the Wind, only in this case I’ve decided to participate in Brona’s Books The Wharton Review for May AND Corinne’s Gone With the Wind Read-Along beginning in May.  Am I insane?  Yes.  I’m hosting my Beowulf Read-Along and am reading Erewhon, Walden, Sense and Sensibility, Money for Fanda’s Zoladdition, and am still trying to finish What Is To Be Done? in order to be able to move on to Notes from the Underground.  Not to mention, I’m behind on my Austen Project, I haven’t read a book set in England for awhile that would qualify for my Reading England Challenge, I haven’t posted on my Deal-Me-In Challenge for ages, and haven’t even started thinking about The Canterbury Tales or The Brubury Tales for my project.  Yikes.  Talk about putting blinders on and just plowing full speed ahead!  I always look ahead towards summer because I have so much more reading time then, but once again, it looks like I’ll have to use it to finish books I’ve already started, rather than being able to pick new and fresh ones.  However, I am enjoying myself and that’s all that counts ……………. isn’t it??

Wish me luck!

photo courtesy of M Rezavi
Creative Commons