Monday, June 28, 2021

Remember that level

Where I live in the Pacific Northwest, the normal temperature for this time of year is 21-22ºC (70 – 71ºF).  If it gets to 30ºC ( 86ºF ) during the summer, it’s hot.  I don’t think I ever remember it being over 34ªC ( 93ºF).  According to the statistics, It has NEVER EVER been over 40ºC (104ºF) in my area.

TODAY IT IS 41ºC ( 106ºF ) AND YESTERDAY 44ºC ( 111ºF ) !!!

It is sweltering outside but thankfully I have air conditioning, a last minute addition.  I think every single air conditioner in the province is sold out.  Since I can hardly move, it’s giving me a chance to read!

Wharf Reading

24 thoughts on “Monday, June 28, 2021

  1. Hi Cleo! I’ve been reading about these unbelievable temperatures, which are more what I’d expect from Arizona this time of year. I’m very glad you have air conditioning and that you’re able to read (selfishness here on my part, as I look forward to the reviews!).

    • Thankfully today looks like it’s going to be in the mid 30s. Whew! I’ve never ever seen it like this.

      Lol! I will try to get some reviews out soon. I’ve started a couple but haven’t had the oompah to finish them yet. Heat really does make one lazy!

  2. Oh my goodness! That’s hotter even than here, where it’s normal to be that hot! I’m glad you have AC, sure hope everybody is doing OK.

    (Pro tip: My great-aunt, a veteran of too-hot summers, used to lie on the kitchen floor and just wait for the day to end.)

    • It’s weird. Usually 30 seems scorching to me but now it feels cold, lol! We’ve been out for ice cream a couple of times which has been nice.

      Lying on the kitchen floor until it passes seems like a great idea to me!

  3. 112 outside and 104 inside, lol… we live in an old mobile home w/ a tin roof. even the two air conditioners in the living room can’t keep up…

    ps; later on Tues, about six o’clock, the temp dropped 30 degrees in ten minutes: very strange and bizarre; now they’re talking about a “heat dome”… mother nature has her own ideas… i hope you’re cooling off as well…

    • You too?!! Good grief! For some reason I thought you lived on acreage. Any nice cool forests to hide in?

      Yes, we’ve been told it’s a heat dome that usually shouldn’t be here. I think it’s going to cool down now although today will still be quit hot. Unusually hot weather though for at least another week. My tomatoes are loving it but not so much some other plants.

      Stay cool (in more ways than one!) !

      • we do… live in the woods, well, in the middle of an industrial forest which gets logged and poisoned on a regular basis. we own 19 acres of second growth firs and cedars, but the trailer’s in a small cleared spot, so it gets hot. i’d never heard of a heat dome before, so many new things, now…

        • I hadn’t either. I’m glad to have never experienced one….but I suppose southerners have enough challenges, what with hurricanes and tornados taking turns trying to kill us.

      • It was extremely hot here in the Seattle area too… my thermostat wouldn’t read any higher on Monday. 😛 Glad to hear you both are hanging in there!! Since yesterday, it’s been much cooler.

        • I was thinking of you. I believe B.C. and Oregon were a little hotter than Washington …?? But hot is hot and it was pretty unbearable. I’m so thankful for the cooler weather.

          • Me too!! The last few days have been relatively blissful. 😆 We were at 102-108 F where I live, Sunday and Monday. Hopefully we’ll make it through 4th of July without setting the place on fire. >_>

    • We are usually so temperate here and we’ve had a somewhat chillier spring so this was a surprise, definitely!

  4. You have my sympathies. It got to 101 today, so not quite as bad as you, but getting close. That kind of temp is what I expect in the tail end of August, not June.

    All I can say is thank goodness for central air.

    Good luck on reading. I hope you stay chill….

    • Thankfully it’s cooler now but the heat has destroyed crops and a town in B.C. has been completely destroyed by a fire. Really devastating.

      I’m having my first experience with AC ….. I now can certainly see why some/most places need it.

    • We have a little cooler temperatures but still hotter than usual at this time of the year. The heat is causing some havoc. I just wish it would go back to normal. Continually watering of my plants has taken up some of my reading time but I am enjoying a little more of it.

  5. Sorry that you are living my Houston normal, hahaha, we had a freeze in February that closed our schools for a full week! At last you have AC. We can’t live without it at all, even though somehow I hate it in a way (never the right thermostat temps when you are in a family of four, restaurant, at church, etc.) Better than not having it, so I should not complain.


    • Hey Silvia! So good to hear from you. I was glad to see you back on your blog and to hear that life is good for you.

      AC is sort of strange for me. I’m used to being in temperatures where my body can adjust. But I have become used to the hotter weather. It’s still above seasonal norms, around 26-28 C. I’ve NEVER seem my tomatoes turn colour in late June; sometimes I’m still waiting for them to turn colour in late August, lol!

      Hugs back!

  6. Stay cool Cleo! I live without air conditioning in Southern California. The trick is to not move much after 2:00 PM or so. Humans are infinitely adaptable. Hope you get lots of reading done at least.

    • Thanks, Ruthiella! I would have never suspected that you live in southern CA. Another west coaster! I’m glad you’ve toughed it out without an air conditioner. Much better to allow your body to adapt instead of creating artificial environments. I think I’ve adapted already. The heat has at least moderated but still much warmer than usual this time of year. I have never spent so much time watering my flowers though. Still, there’s worse things to do. Hope you stay cool too!

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