Classics Club Spin #23 ……. and the Winner is ……

Chess King Winner


Which means that I’ll be reading …….

The Lord of the Flies!!

The Lord of the Flies

I’m somewhat excited with this choice from my list.  I read this book in high school and hated it, but since then, someone told me that Golding was responding to a prevalent philosophy at the time: that children were born good and innocent and it was only other people and life circumstances that ingrained evil tendencies within them.  So he took some “innocent” children, put them on an island and …. well, those who have read it know what happens.

I’m also thrilled about the length ….. short.  If I don’t finish it by June 1st one of you can give me a serious talking to.  However, I’ve been spending alot of time dilly-dallying lately instead of getting things done so I’m not going to get too cocky.

Now I’m off to see which book the rest of you spinners “won”!

The Classics Club

36 thoughts on “Classics Club Spin #23 ……. and the Winner is ……

    • Well, I read The Great Gatsby in school and disliked it and I didn’t like it much better as an adult. I’m hoping my experience with Lord of the Flies will be different!

  1. I haven’t read it since middle school, I’m sure I would have a very different response now! I will have to add it to my “re-read someday” list.

  2. i wonder what happens to comments that just vanish? anyway, i read this and didn’t like it either. it’s usually compared to Animal Farm (Orwell) and i think the latter is a lot better. i got the impression that Golding was feeling sort of revengeful when he wrote it… his other books i liked a lot better: Pincher Martin and The Spire are both good i thought…

    • They go into the comment netherworld! 😂 Wow, we seem to be disliking the same books. Great minds …… 😁 I don’t like those revengeful writing moments. I found Villette had that same flavour and it’s distasteful. Oh, I own The Spire! Perhaps I should read that after. Thanks for the tip, Mudpuddle!

  3. Interesting! I have somehow managed to miss this one. I’ll be rereading Midnight’s Children. I am looking forward to it, but probably won’t post until I get started.

  4. I remember reading this in high school but that’s about as far as my memory goes. 🙂 I should plan for a reread of it soon. Glad it’s a short one! I got a short one too…The Watsons by Jane Austen. 🙂

      • Hi! I’m reading Jane’s unfinished work of The Watsons that I have in an Arcturus version of the book and it includes Lady Susan, The Watsons and Sanditon. 🙂 I don’t know if there are any continuations of The Watsons??

    • Trade you The Watsons for Lord of the Flies!!! Just kidding. Although I’ve read Austen’s major works a number of times, I haven’t read her minor works. I’ll be so interested in what you think of it!

  5. I’m another one who read The Lord of the Flies a long time & didn’t much like it. I’ll be curious to see what you make of it on rereading!

    • I’m curious too. I don’t expect to love it. Perhaps all I’m looking for is to appreciate it more and find some meaning in it, because the meaning totally escaped me in grade 11.

    • I’d be interested in their reasons for disliking it. I remember feeling (as a teenager) that it was unbelievable, that kids wouldn’t necessary act or behave as Golding’s characters but that memory is rather hazy …..

  6. I have heard lots about this novel for most of my life, but I was never in a class that assigned it, and what I heard about it put me off it, so I’ll be truly and deeply interested in your thoughts about it.

    • It’s interesting to hear how almost everybody read it in school. Silly, really. Unless it was an absolutely amazing book, it seems a little herd-mentality-ish to me. I was put off when younger; let’s see if Golding can change my mind now …

  7. Here is a coincidence for you, Old Books New Readers has that as their monthly read. For me it was a first reading. Still mulling over how I feel about it. Would love to hear your thoughts.

    By the way am starting The Odyssey tonight and looking forward to your past posts about this book from your archives. You were such a help with the Illiad

    • Oh, thanks for the tip, Connie! I’ll have to check that out. I will definitely let you know what I think when I finish.

      I’m sooooo glad you’re taking advantage of my Odyssey posts. I was so disappointed to have to break off The Iliad when I did and I was planning to spruce up those Odyssey posts and re-post for a read-along. But it’s encouraging to know they’re helpful to someone. Wait for me for The Aeneid. Hopefully it won’t be too long before I’m back on my Greek (well, in the case of the Aeneid, Roman) kick!

  8. *rubs hands gleefully* It may be selfish but I’m glad… I loved it even more the second time, for the symbolism and “understatements.” Hoping it’s a rewarding read this time!

    • Well, this is encouraging. I might be knocking at your “door” (blog) to help me appreciate it because I’m wondering ….. However I will approach it with an open mind.

    • Even if a book is terrible, if it generates heated discussions, it can’t be too terrible. I’ll let you know!

  9. It’s one of the few books I hated in high school too, so I’ll be very curious to hear what you think with a more *ahem* mature read 🙂

    • You even read it in school in Australia?!! Amazing! It might be fun for everyone to compare the classics they read in school and see how many are in common. It would be enlightening.

      Lol! Love that *ahem*. One can’t be too mature, can one? 😉

  10. You’ll do fine finishing it by June. I know you will.
    Someone once said, “If you want to see how innocent and good children are, spend a few hours at Chuck E Cheese.”

    • I should finish but with me, you never know, lol!

      I entered Chuck E Cheese once. Once was enough for a lifetime!

  11. I’m happy to hear you’re excited to get this one – I’ve never read Lord of the Flies, and I must admit, I’ve yet to read anything about it that’s really enticed me to add it to my TBR list. Maybe you will though? Enjoy!

    • Well, I don’t know if this is funny or not, but I have been through my books and realize that I don’t own it. Because of the Covid restrictions and the closed libraries, it’s going to be hard for me to get. I could pick it up for a few dollars used if the stores were open but I can’t find a reasonably priced (for me) copy online. Yikes! If I can’t find a copy to borrow in another week, I’ll have to think of another plan. I thought of substituting The Spire, which I own, but since it’s not on my Classics Club list, that would be defeating the purpose. So the only thing to do is to re-sort my list and have something else end up as number 6. Such a hassle. Oh well, at least it makes it interesting.

      • Oh no! I had to double-check a couple of books on my shelves when I created my list to avoid that problem… Sounds like resorting may be the way to go; I look forward to hearing what you read.

        • I can’t believe that I don’t have it. I do own most of the books on my list but apparently not that one. Yikes!

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