Ten Characters Who Are Like Me!

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What an interesting Top Ten Tuesday topic and one that made me think.  There are a few characters that I can pick out right away, but ten?!!  Let’s see what I can come up with.  I’m going to list them in descending order so the last character will be the one I think that I’m most like.

The Reverend Septimus Harding (The Warden)

Septimus Harding

No, I am not Septimus Harding but boy, I would love to be.  His humble, selfless demeanour when faced with unfair accusations was truly heroic.  We could all learn something from this man.


Snufkin (Finn Family Moomintroll)

Snufkin Moomintroll

Perhaps it’s not necessarily that I’m like Snufkin, but I’d like to be Snufkin.  With his devil-may-care attitude, his contentment in solitude and his travelling ways, he’s an unusual character but it would be nice to experience a relaxed and unencumbered life as his …. for awhile …..


Diogenes of Sinope

Diogenes of Sinope

I don’t think I’m like Diogenes because cynicism would not be an art that would come easily to me.  But let’s be honest, Diogenes is funny.  He’s known for walking around with a lantern in the daytime claiming he was searching for “an honest man”.  He also insulted Alexander the Great by saying he (Alexander) was standing in his sunlight, whereupon Alexander laughed and said, “If I was not Alexander, I should like to be Diogenes!”  So would I ….. but only for a week or two.


Flora Post (Cold Comfort Farm)

Flora Post

I must admit, I’m judging from the movie on this one because it’s been ages since I read the book.  What is Flora like?  She’s no-nonsense, positive, proactive and lively in a very charming way that has a beneficial effect on those around her.  Life for Flora is fun!  And for me too!


Emma (Emma)

Emma Woodhouse

Yes, I’m like Emma.  I always know what’s best for everyone else ….. if only they could see it.  But my heart’s in the right place even if I am short-sighted sometimes.  But I have a brother who is wiser than I and will put me in my place when I need it.  Ha, ha!




Okay, before you think that I’m calling myself so wise, instead I think I’m similar to Socrates in two ways: 1) the older I get, the less I realize I know and; 2) my words of wisdom are sometimes not appreciated.  For instance, my daughter often says about me, “Everything’s a life lesson!” with a barely repressed sigh.  I can only hope that I’m not as annoying as Socrates; you know what happened to him ….


Anne of Green Gables (Anne of Green Gables)

Anne of Green Gables

Another spunky heroine.  And she loves words, words, words, words ….. like me!


Elizabeth Bennet (Pride and Prejudice)

Elizabeth Bennet

I love Lizzy’s directness, her love of exercise, her irrepressible spirits, her enjoyment of life and her sharp wit.  I’m also impressed, not necessairly with her not-so-delicate handling of proud, disagreeable men, but her discerning ability to (finally) look past the behaviour to find the true man within.  And to bring out his better qualities.  Way to go, Lizzy!


Ann Beddingfeld (The Man in the Brown Suit)

Ann Beddingfeld The Man in the Brown Suit

Fresh off my reading of The Man in the Brown Suit, Ann is definitely a soul sister.  With her unquenchable spirits, her determination, her logic with passion and zest for adventure, I identify with her immediately.  She’s so much fun!


Dorothea Brooke (Middlemarch) 

Dorothea Brooke Middlemarch

Dorothea wants to save the world.  Dorothea feels badly when people aren’t happy.  Dorothea wants everyone to be happy.  Dorothea helps so many people. Dorothea feels that she doesn’t help enough people.  Dorothea spends too much time planning big ideas instead of celebrating small successes.

But the effect of her being on those around her was incalculably diffusive: for the growing good of the world is partly dependent on unhistoric acts; and that things are not so ill with you and me as they might have been is half owing to the number who lived faithfully a hidden life, and rest in unvisited tombs.”

Yup, that’s me.  But it certainly could be many of us.  Which is part of what makes Middlemarch such an enduring and timeless read.

So who are you?  Who is the character who is your closest match?


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21 thoughts on “Ten Characters Who Are Like Me!

  1. I loved this post! Yeah..Snufkin is inspirational stuff. If I could choose one character, I would say Ann of GG…I was as crazy and “dramatic” growing but settled down a bit, only a bit over the years! I always wanted to Elizabeth, but as an adult I realize I am instead a contradictory mix of Marianne and Jane Bennett (Don’t Ask!)

  2. It is easier to think of characters I’d aspire to be than characters I am. I could use a dose of Septimus Harding right now, as I’m dealing with unfounded accusations at work and it’s quite painful. The Warden good be good bibliotherapy for me. Fun list, thanks!

    • I agree so I had to include some character from both “aspire to be” and “am like”. I’m sorry to hear about your work challenges. It might help to get out into nature and absorb its wonder. People can be so challenging and Septimus Harding is a wonderful example. Hope it gets better for you soon!!

  3. What a great list! I love that you can see yourself in many different types of characters. There must be a bit of Socrates in me as well… I frequently bemoan the fact that people don’t listen to my excellent advice. 😉

    • When I read about Dorothea I immediately thought she was so much like me. But I can’t see me marrying a dour and sour old crotchety man for the greater good of humanity. Ugh!

      Isn’t it soooo puzzling when people can’t see the obvious, lol! 😉

  4. Snarleyow ( a dog who gets even in a Captain Marryat book). i don’t know why this popped into my mind, it just did… wasn’t there a book called “my life as a dog”?

    • Ha, ha! But I guess I shouldn’t laugh, me who likens myself to Snufkin! There is a book by that title. Modern, so I can’t recommend it … 😉

  5. Septimus Harding is also one of my favorite characters in literature. I cried in the last Barsetshire novel when he breathed his last.

    If I could pick any one character who is like me, I would pick Selin from The Idiot by Elif Batuman.

    • Aw, that’s so sweet that you cried. I felt a lump in my throat as well. There’s no one quite like Septimus Harding.

      I had to look up Selin. Sounds so interesting. I’ll have to see if my library has it. Thanks for the tip!

  6. I do love Septimus Harding! I like your list, because confronted with this question, I can’t come up with anybody that I actually think is like me. There are lots of characters I would like to be, or whom I identify with, but I think I’m usually looking up…

  7. I don’t think I’d ever be able to think up a list of characters like me – though as several said, those I aspire to be more like would be more doable. But it was fun reading through your list!

    • Well, we’re never exactly like someone else but I’m surprised that some people feel little affinity or likeness to book characters. It makes me wonder why ….

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