Softball Update ~~ It’s All Over

Well, the 2016 World Softball Championships are now over.  Some of the events were wonderful and inspiring, and some rather anti-climatic, but no one can ignore the passion and interest in this sport from the 31 participating teams from all over the world.

Game Highlights:

  • Not only did Australia, ranked 3rd in the world, get knocked out of the top contenders, they didn’t even win their lower pool, being beating by Puerto Rico, 4-0.  They did not look like the same team that has been to the Canadian Open in previous years.  It was rather disappointing.
  • I was scorekeeping on another diamond for the bronze medal game, but apparently the Canada vs. Japan game was an embarrassment.  Canada couldn’t hit and the Japanese kept cranking home runs off all of our pitchers. Even Sara Groenewegen, who has been our secret weapon, was unsuccessful.  They mercied us.  Again, embarrassing ……  This was Canada’s highest place showing at an Open, so it wasn’t a complete disaster.  
  • The U.S. ended up with Gold, getting two three-run home runs off the Japanese pitcher, Yukani Hamamuro, before she was changed out for Yamato Fujita, who allowed no runs.  It was too late, as the U.S. won the game 7-3.  It’s the first time I’ve been to the Canadian Open (which this year was the World Championship) where Japan hasn’t won Gold.  It was a very weird feeling.  

Other Tidbits:

  • I must admit Japan is my favourite team.  One of my favourite players is Eri Yamada, their centre-fielder.  She’s not quite as crazy and hyper as she used to be, but she still gives a great show.  
  • One of the umpires prevented a Chinese coach from striking one of his players.  He grabbed his arm and said, “We don’t do that in this country.”
  • Here’s a story of Uganda’s journey to the World Championship.
  • And more random acts of kindness:  there is an article that talks about a Vancouver businessman who took out the Indian team and bought them all cleats.  It’s wonderful to hear uplifting stories like these.
And so, it’s all over.  I miss going out every day to score, but honestly I’m exhausted. And I must get back into my reading-grove.  I hope I can.  It’s been awhile and I’m only one book ahead on Goodreads now, whereas before I used to be 8 books ahead.  For shame!  The first book to finish off will be A Doll’s House which I was reading with Cirtnece, and then at the beginning of August I’m starting her read-along of The Home and the World; nothing like events to start me reading again.  I’m looking forward to it!

0 thoughts on “Softball Update ~~ It’s All Over

  1. I am sure you had fun though it sounds exhausting! I know for a fact you will be happy to re-immerse your self in the bookish world! I will miss these behind the scenes stories through! They were wonderful and thank you for sharing them with us!

  2. Yes, it was been fun, but getting up some days at 5 am and not getting to bed until 11:30 pm was starting to wear on me. I'll have to start a couple of months ahead next year stocking up on sleep. Thanks for reading my updates! 🙂

  3. "Weary" is a good word for how I feel. I'm almost ready to discuss A Doll's House. I'm somewhat puzzled by it and even some of the reviews. It will be nice to "chat".

    Sports can bring out the worst in people but it can also bring out the best. It was inspiring to see the enthusiasm and friendship between teams and hear the stories of support for the less affluent teams. It leaves you with a good feeling.

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