Picture Book Reading Challenge

A Picture Book reading challenge?  Do you sense a trend?  Am I going easier and easier with my reading? 😉  Perhaps, but I couldn’t resist this Picture Book Reading Challenge hosted by Becky at Becky’s Book Reviews.

Picture Book Reading Challenge at Classical Carousel

What makes this challenge fun is that she has different categories for reading:

  • Something old, something new, something borrowed, something true
  • Seasonal reading challenge
  • Alphabet challenge

Picture Book Reading Challenge Child Reading

I’m not doing any planning of books I’m going to read for this challenge; I’ll simply read and slot the books in where they fit.  Of course, I might have trouble with the “something new” category but we’ll see.  Please, if you have any new children’s picture books that you can recommend, let me know in the comments.  Otherwise, I’ll probably focus on Newbery Winners and cover two challenges, this one and my Newbery Reading Challenge.

I plan to post some reviews on my much-neglected children’s blog Children’s Classic Book Carousel.  It will be nice to begin posting over there again.

If anyone is interested in more children’s books/reviews, check out some of them here at Classical Carousel.  And for a comprehensive list of wonderful children’s books, you can find it here.  I definitely need to start reading more children’s literature this coming year!

If you want to join too, you can sign up at Becky’s Book Reviews and join the fun!

6 thoughts on “Picture Book Reading Challenge

  1. What a terrific idea!
    I taught a Literature course in Children’s Literature at SUNY Adirondack for about five years. One of the most interesting parts of the course for students was the unit on Censored Books for Children and Young People, of which many were picture books. And teaching about The Holocaust in Europe and slavery in the U.S. via picture books. Some excellent, award-winning picture books out there on both topics. And many of them were very provocative books, which prompted so much debate and discussion in college classes, especially for those planning to teach.

    • Wow, Judith, that sounds like such a fun course to teach! You sound like you like good in-depth discussions as much as I do! 🙂

      I did a study on Ferdinand the Bull with my daughter and we were amazed at the many ideas that could be drawn out of such a short book. Good books make for great discussions which is why I’m always on the look-out for them. I’m looking forward to starting this challenge!

  2. I don’t know how new it is but “Sssssh, Roger is Reading a Book” is one of my favorites. This sounds like a very interesting challenge.

  3. I hadn’t heard of this, but it’s right up your alley. I don’t really read much in the way of picture books, other than Christmas stories, but it sounds a delightful challenge. Enjoy!

    • When I only have a very small amount of reading time, if I’m able to pick up and complete a picture book, at least it will feel like I’ve accomplished something. And there really are many wonderful picture books out there. I’m hoping to discover another favourite to add to my list!

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