October and November …….

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Autumn!  Autumn!  How I love Autumn!  And we had a great one in the Pacific Northwest.  Sunny skies every day and warm temperatures.  I had lots of fun being outside, going for walks and simply enjoying the changes of the season.  Even though the rains came in November, October was absolutely gorgeous!!

Evening farm fields
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And in my pursuit of trying new and different experiences, I took a couple of dirt biking lessons and really loved it!  The first instructor, in particular, was excellent and had us doing some coursework (riding through pylons), up and down hills and even let us go off track on a short trail ride.  It’s an expensive sport though so I can’t see myself doing lots of it but my neighbour’s son is pressing for a riding partner so, who knows! 🙂

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I’m still doing some construction work now and then, but the major renovation is basically complete, so I should start looking for something else.  Should I go back to my usual bookkeeping work that is sedentary and uncreative or should look at something else?  I’m wondering.  And speaking of construction, I managed to cut the side/end of my finger off the other day while cutting drywall. Yuck!  It finally stopped bleeding after about 30 minutes and then I went back to work but it was definitely not a fun experience. I will have to be more careful in the future!

And I can’t remember if I shared this tidbit, but my DIY Tea Blends recipe from my Journey to the Garden food blog made UK Reader’s Digest.  It was exciting but now I have to get back to my much neglected blog!


journey to the garden diy teas
© Cleo @ Journey to the Garden

I’ve been thinking about next year’s reading and am not feeling great about it.  I’d like to use the excuse that I’ve been so busy, and I have, but when I do get time to read, I feel scattered.  I start one book, get distracted by another, start that one, get distracted by another, start that, and on and on and on.  Lately, I do feel satisfied that I seem to be getting some traction on The Age of Innocence for a Goodreads group read.  Otherwise, I need to get going on Bleak House, New York, The Mysteries of Udolpho and The Four Loves.

And my plans for 2019?  I haven’t consolidated them yet but I do have some things flitting around in my mind, most of them books to complete or revisit.  I do want to follow O’s excellent example and finish The Faerie Queene.  And I also have City of God and Plato’s Republic to finish.  My WEM Project has sort of gone by the wayside, so I want to refocus on that.  I’m not sure about challenges yet as I’ve failed dismally this year on the ones I joined but hopefully I’ll have my plans more formulated by the time I do my December post.  Until then …….


12 thoughts on “October and November …….

  1. i've done that finger thing; it kind of makes one stop and think… is that dirt bike thing on motorcycles or bicycles… i watch some of the totally amazing things young people do on mtb's and it's just mind-blowing… i actually hope you don't get into that, it looks dangerous… i've been riding around Longview every other day most of the year and have really enjoyed it… bike paths and back yard alleyways, trees, parks, water, ducks, ibises, other bicycle persons… plus doing some reading of bicycle adventures and tours; quite a few participants in that branch of the sport, now… anyway, look forward to whatever you post about in the future…

  2. The finger thing made me sick; I don't do well with blood. 😛

    It was on a motorcyle; I've never ridden a motorcyle before and didn't expect to like it but it was fun! I do love riding my bicycle too and you inspire me to get out and enjoy the weather on the sunny days we have. I'm often stuck inside nowadays getting caught up on paperwork. I'd much rather be outside!

  3. I used to be both active and bookish but somehow I've lost momentum. I am busier but I have other things taking up my mental capacity, I guess that's it. But at least I have some more reading time lately and for that, I'm grateful!

    And fun I plan to have!

  4. What helps me when I enter the last weeks of the year and doubt if I have the energy to take on challenges:
    1. open a draft page or post on your blog (just for you)
    2. write down the yearly challenges that come along that always tempt you at the last minute. Mine are: #Read Ireland (March), #Paris In July, shortlists ( Giller or Booker Prize), #RIPXIV (creepy reads before Halloween) and #NonFicNov. These are all things that pop up and stress me. I want to join but I'm unprepared.
    3. Next I ask myself: what is the genre or project that I LOVE (..mine are reading plays, learning about poetry and reading #AWW Australian Women authors)doing? What are the yearly challenges that I usuallly feel like a chore (…Back to the Classics is mine…b/c I read so many classics already).
    4. Now comes the hard part: You can post a challenge post or you can make one and keep it private. As you proceed if all goes well and you feel good about it..you can upload it to the blog. If the challenge isn't going anywhere you can just drop it from your private list and move on guilt free.
    5. Lastly I try to limit myself to 3 BIG projects (Greek and Roman reads, Russian Lit or Reading England) and make a temporary reading list the the 'pop-up' challenges that I expect in the course of the year.
    6. If the mood is right and life hasn't thrown me any curve balls I'm ready to participate stress free.
    All in all if you just put a few ideas on paper….you're on the right path! I hope you find the right reading balance in 2019. Your blog as it is is a treasure of reference for me! Thanks for all the hard work over the years.

  5. Love your photos, especially the dogs! We're heading into summer here & I read on a neighbourhood FB page that a large red-bellied black snake was seen on a pathway between two streets just up the road from us where I usually walk.
    The only challenge I really made headway on this year was the Back to the Classics; actually I haven't done too badly with the TBR one but I don't think I'll finish it. I don't know what I'll do next year re reading. The challenge does help me as long as I have some room to play with book titles.
    Writing has been my challenge this year – still reading quite a bit but I don't always get to blog about the books, which annoys me! Will check out your tea bag recipe – now tea is right up my alley!

    • Hey, thanks Jean! I thought moving the blog would give me more latitude. I think it will but there are a few things to figure out. And these plug-ins to add, which you need to give you some of the things you want. Argh! But I think it’s all coming together! 🙂

  6. Phew, I managed to start paying attention to blogs again in time to catch your move! I’ve thought about going the self-hosted route myself, but usually every time I start thinking about that, my blogging trails off and I decide it’s not worth it. It sounds like you had a good autumn! Ours has been terribly wet, so better for books that outdoor activities. Sometimes, I think that really does make a difference as to what gets done or doesn’t. I’ve managed to read a lot this year, but I understand about the distracted feeling–I keep finding myself jumping from book to book to book.

    • I must say I prefer our sunny autumn even if it didn’t help me accomplish more reading. But the rains are here now and I am reading more. Yes, I think to make a self-hosted blog worth it, you have to be consistent. Note to self, lol! 😉

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