November ~ Ooops!

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How October went from an eventful month to a very uneventful month is a painful story to tell in more ways than one.  Again, for the first part of the month, I was concentrating on getting my partner and my food blog, Journey to the Garden, going and the learning curve was an extreme headache in itself.  From building the website, to adding plug-ins, to hack attempts, to learning to navigate the unique venue of social media, it was rather exhausting and overwhelming.  It was only knowing that I was going to the island on the 14th, where I could relax and read, read, read, that keep me plugging away.  A positive attitude always helps, but then I had my visa number stolen and so my card had to be cancelled, AND my computer hard drive started to die just before I left so it was a rush to get it replaced. Thankfully I didn’t lose any information and I headed out grateful to get these two problems sorted; I had forgotten the saying that trouble often comes in threes ……

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Fortunately, the first day there I decided to photograph my Apple Harvest post for the food blog and all the photos were taken.  Why fortunately?  Because on the second day, I decided to take my dog, Finn, for a bike ride, not wearing a helmet which I couldn’t find when I left, and somehow I managed to crash going very fast.  I still don’t remember what happened exactly; I have a slight recollection of picking myself up and looking for Finn and then my memory starts at the front door of the house next door.  I knew I had a bump on my head, but they took one look at me and made me come in and sit down. The long and the short of it is that I was water-ambulanced off to Vancouver Island, ended up with a bad concussion, a badly broken thumb and various deep scrapes and bruises.  For the first week, I looked like a prize-fighter and wasn’t easily able to move without pain.  Because I broke through my metacarpal and it shifted slightly, they were at first talking surgery but apparently even with the shift it’s not as bad as they thought; they’ve casted it, however they’re watching it in case it shifts more.  Otherwise I’m healing up but the consequences are that I can’t watch T.V., be on the computer (uh … yikes!) or read.  How long is really up in the air.  I often feel fine in the morning but it doesn’t take long for me to overdo it and I know I need to rest more.  I HATE resting, so you can imagine how difficult it is.  So this explains my long book-blogging silence.


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As I ease back in, I’m going to try to perhaps read some short stories and essays (which actually turn out to be pretty popular posts), so I hope to be back before not too long. The food blog, however, is getting some attention and I have new posts up for Pumpkin Kidney Bean Curry, Cheese 101 highlight post on P’tit Sainte Maure, and in another few days a Pomegranate Quinoa Festive Salad will posted, so check them out if you’re looking for some easy recipes, food history, and fun photos.  Otherwise I hope to meet you back here VERY SOON!

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  1. my gosh, Cleo!! i'm so sorry this happened! i ride bike a lot and worry about the same thing happening… i envision myself catapulting over the bars and landing on my head… it's awful it happened to you instead!! i hope things heal quickly and you're able to get around pretty soon… i remember i was in my forties when i realized i was going to have to slow down a bit or suffer consequences… one of life's unbending rules, i guess… the mind goes faster than the body after a while… i hope you'r able to enjoy the fruits of relaxation: it does take some practice, i think… anyway, take it easy and i hope you get better rapidly…

  2. Wow, that is NOT the reasons I thought you were gone from teh blog. Ouch!

    No reading? Are you able to at least listen to audio books? I'd go nuts with no computer, no tv and no reading 🙁

    I hope your food blog does well. New things can be fun 🙂

  3. Well, at least you gave me a good laugh …. "it's awful it happened to you instead." 😀 Knowing what it's like, I'm SOOO glad it didn't happen to you. I'll wear my helmet from now on, positively. Do you know what is really weird? I mean, I have the fogginess and cotton-wooliness in my head because of the concussion but after it happened, I could actually see better. I could read the bottom line of the eye chart where I had regressed to about the third from the bottom before the accident. The brain is a strange and wonderful thing. I wonder if my improved sight will go away as I heal? In any case, keep riding, just be careful and wear a helmet. Thanks so much for the wishes ….. and the laugh ….. they're much appreciated! 🙂

  4. Well, yes, I do like to surprise you. Just perhaps not in this way. 😉 And to add injury to injury, I hit my thumb with the hatchback of my car on Saturday. I was so afraid I'd damaged it more but when they x-rayed it Monday, they said it actually looked a little improved so if I did shift it, I shifted it the right way. Good grief! I need some sort of keeper, or something. I'm starting to feel like a child!

    I hate audiobooks but I'm going to manage my dislike of them and I've ordered a couple from the library. Perhaps it's time to work on my attention span while convalescing.

    The food blog is doing well all things considered. I'm really enjoying improving my photography which I was very nervous about. This accident has set me back and if I'm honest, I do have to go on the computer a certain amount to keep it going …. probably not the best thing for my head. But I'm hoping I'll heal up soon.

  5. I'm looking at the forced rest as some sort of personal growth …. or at least I'm trying to convince myself …. ha, ha! Thanks for the wishes. I've tried reading and if I don't do too much at one time, it seems to be fine. Much better than the computer, in any case!

  6. I am so sorry things went this way! But I am glad that despite your hair raising adventure, there is no surgery and you are recovering…..and yes, we do not like audio books, but they are the consequence of biking without the helmet (rolling eyes here). However, I am truly happy to see you slowly come back to the reading/blogging world. Just please take care of yourself!!

  7. Cleo, I'm so glad to hear you're ok!! So horrible things to happen in one month. I have hurt my thumb in the car door before, but can't imagine that on top of your existing injuries. 🙁 Hoping you have a complete and swift recovery!

  8. Oh, Cleo, I'm so sorry! This stinks. I agree: sitting still and resting is challenging, especially when your routine is so full. I'm glad you are recuperating. Hope you heal well and soon.

  9. that is very strange… i've heard that we don't use all of our brain capacity; maybe it's true… i'd be interested in hearing what caused the crash; it might help me stay in one piece…

  10. Thanks, Jean. Fortunately, I can probably go back if I'm not too busy when I'm healed. I'm feeling a little better today so I should try some reading. I'm going to open up Mr. Pickwick.

  11. Thank, Marian. I just went to the physio, as the hand that doesn't have the broken thumb is sprained, and he said he's amazed at my recovery given what happened. So that was very encouraging. I just need not to overdo it and I think I'll heal up quickly!

  12. Thanks for the condolences, Ruth. I'm actually on one hand itching to get moving and on the other, very peaceful. Strange, I know. I keep using the excuse, "I have a head injury", for everything, lol! I'm doing well though, all things considered.

  13. I just remember the wheel shifting slightly, but I have a sneaking suspicion I was only holding on with one hand. I might have hit something or just gone off the shoulder a bit which turned the wheel??? In any case, those are my hazy guesses. So two hands on the wheel, a helmet, pay attention and you'll be just fine! 🙂

  14. I read about your unfortunate 'bike ride' yesterday…and you were the first thing I thought of this morning. I ride bikes daily and never were a helmet. I should….but don't. Let's hope you will be 'back in the reading/blogging' saddle soon.
    Also the bike saddle…but with some head protection! Get well soon!

  15. Aaah! Wear a helmet! Please! You think it will never happen to you but ….. Thanks so much for the well wishes. I'm having problems with my right wrist now which is rather frustrating, but I'm mending up — my physio says amazingly quickly but I feel is awfully slowly. :-Z Hopefully the cast will be off in another couple of weeks. Hope you're doing well!

  16. Mudpuddle, that's so wonderful! I'm so excited! You have so many wonderful insights and experiences that you share in comments, so I can't wait to hear them on your blog. Love the photo of the library ….. it almost made me cry. 😉 Have fun with your new adventure!!

  17. Thanks, Jo, and welcome! With being "forced" to photograph for the food blog, my photography is improving and I find myself really enjoying it. Another hobby to add to many!

  18. My head is slowly getting better although I can tell my thought process is slower but improving. I should be getting my cast off in a week or two, so that's good and my thumb feels pretty good although hard to really tell in a cast. The absolutely worst thing is my right wrist. I had a slight injury in it before and falling has made it worse. I have so much pain in it at times, it's unbelievable. So I'm trying to rest it and hope it gets better soon. All of it is so very frustrating. Thanks for checking though!

  19. I don't know what I did. I was taking a couple of online courses and with the food blog it was already injured a slight bit before the accident. I'm trying to give it as much rest as I can but if it's not getting better in a week, I'll go for an x-ray. This one finger-one hand typing is not working very well ….. :-Z

  20. How absolutely frustrating. It must be one of those things that take forever to get better, but I'm sure it will. Maybe you've trapped a nerve or something?

    My foot's still bothering me but very slowly getting better. Voltarol gel has been a life-saver – are you using that or able to get it? I do recommend it.

  21. I'll take a look at it, thanks! I've been using Traumeel, which helps quite a bit and it's slowly getting better, I think as long as I don't jamb it again which seems to set it way back. Going to see the doctor hopefully this week if I can get their office to answer their phone.

    Glad to hear you're slowly getting better too. Talk about frustration. I would go even more crazy if I couldn't go for walks. I hope you're able to get completely better this time!

  22. I just love your photos. It makes me wish we had more of an autumn down here. It's still 80 degrees. sigh.

    Sorry to hear about your accident. Sounds like you also got a concussion. Take it easy and let yourself heal. Praying that will be quick, and hopefully, painless.

  23. Thanks for the compliment, Sharon. I'm doing lots of food photography and am improving steadily. And thanks for your condolences and wishes. I'm healing definitely, but not fast enough for me. I go to the surgeon on Monday to see if my cast can come off. Here's hoping …

  24. Ha, ha! You know I got my cast off yesterday and my hand looks rather freakish. My thumb is still swollen and black and blue, I suppose because there's not much blood circulation under the cast. It also feels shorter like I crushed it down. I'll just have to be patient I guess until the swelling goes away and then HOPEFULLY it will look normal. Sigh! It is great that I finally have more function although it will take a bit to get it working again.

    You have a great Thanksgiving too! We (Canadians) had ours in October, but with all my U.S. connections, I feel very American so I'm celebrating with you!! Give my regards to Mrs. M!! 🙂

  25. Thanks for your wishes, Amanda. I've been out this week and doing some things with my hands and they both feel much better. My thumb looks weird but I suppose until the swelling goes away, it will. My head is feeling pretty good and I'm exercising again, so I'm definitely on my way to recovery. And my bike helmet is now right by my bike when I decide to get on it again!

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