Le Morte d’Arthur Read-Along!

Jean from Howling Frog Books has decided to do a Le Morte d’Arthur Read-Along in honour of her 2014 Arthurian Challenge.  Bless her heart, because I have been trying to get through this book all year, and for some reason it has become a slog that is not moving along very quickly.  A read-along is just what I need.

Have you ever read Le Morte d’Arthur?  Would you like to join us?  If so, then skip on over to Jean’s sign-up page and be part of the fun.  You’ll meet King Arthur, Queen Guinevere, Sir Lancelot and the Knights of the Round Table, and be part of battles, friendship, agony and betrayal.  What more excitement could you ask for?

5 thoughts on “Le Morte d’Arthur Read-Along!

  1. Join and the fear decreases!

    I have just been finding it disjointed and basically not what I expected. I need to give myself an attitude adjustment and I can see myself really enjoying it. And I have to not be reading 20 books at one time, while I'm reading this one!

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