February ~ Baby, It’s Cold ……. or Not ………..

My new resolution for 2017 is to attempt to journal monthly updates and I almost forgot, only remembering yesterday that it was the last day of the month!  Yikes!

January came and went rather quickly, like a strong breeze coming in one window and whooshing out the other.  Earlier in the month we had unusually cold temperatures for a long time, sometimes dipping to -10 C (14 F) but usually hovering around -3 C (26 F). The lower temperatures were WAAAY too cold and I didn’t want to go out in them, but around -3 C was quite nice.  A huge pond south of us froze so we ended up skating for quite a few days.


We met old and new friends there and it was so much fun!  We skated endlessly, even played some hockey and I didn’t fall once!  I love being outside and could happily spend most of my time there with the co-operation of the weather!  We’ve had a few warmer days in the latter part of the month, one day making it up to 10 C (50 F) but overall it has remained quite cold.

Still Life Books (1880)
Ernest Eugène Lefebvre
source ArtUK

As for books read for January, I finished an embarrassing few, completing The Comedy of Errors, and a children’s classic, The Tanglewoods’ Secret. Lame, I know, and my only excuse is that I have many things going on to divert me from reading, an overloaded brain from trying to deal with them all and ……. oh yes, I have a number of other reads I’m trying to juggle at the same time, such as, Don Quixote, Dr. Zhivago, The Pickwick Papers, The Faerie Queene (good luck, me!), my Great Ideas Project, etc.  On a positive note, I began Herodotus’ The Histories and I am on track with my Deal Me In Challenge, drawing 2 essays (Vulgarity and Politics and the English Language), 1 children’s classic (The Tanglewoods’ Secret) and 2 short stories (Le Horla and The Little Woman).

Girl Reading
Charles Edward Perugini
source ArtUK

February is probably not going to be a successful month as far as volume goes.  I’m continuing with The Histories and hope to finish it up —- however, I’ll be sad when I do because I’ve fallen in love with Herodotus —- but since I’ve only completed Book III and have five to go, I suspect this read will spill into March.  I would like to join a group on Goodreads while they read The Charterhouse of Parma by Stendahl, but it will depend on how my on-going reads are progressing. Another sleeper is A Small House at Allington by Anthony Trollope —– will I ever get to this one soon? Sigh!  So, as you see, my year has begun slowly and in a somewhat disorganized fashion.  It gives me a feeling of trepidation because usually the year begins well for me and I fall off as it goes along.  If this muddle is my start, what will the rest of the year look like?  **** tremble ****  In any case, I’m going to plug along and enjoy my journeys with Herodotus!

As for other treats for the month, I’m hoping to get in at least one day of cross-country skiing and I’d like to start to get out more and do some biking, if the weather improves. Perhaps I shouldn’t hold my breath, as they are predicting snow for this weekend.  As much as I’ve enjoyed the colder temperatures a whiff of spring would be a nice change. February is usually considered a blue type of month here, but I hope for pleasanter days and sunnier skies, both literally and personally.

January 2017                                                                                     March 2017



0 thoughts on “February ~ Baby, It’s Cold ……. or Not ………..

  1. You're much more outdoorsy than me! I've been huddled under shawls shivering 🙂 Can't wait for the warmer months, then I love to be out 🙂 All that said, skating seems like so much fun. I've been to the rink a few times when I was very young (for birthday parties, that kind of thing), all good fun!

    Been a lot colder where you are. Had a few -5s, but largely hovered around 0 I believe. Now it's creeping up, think it was 4 or 5 today.

    The Charterhouse of Parma sounds fun. I'd like to join but got enough on!

    Love seeing your pictures, especially the top one! Looks magical 😀

  2. I can relate to your lack of head space – partly due to the hot weather here – we've had runs of 35-38 C; and partly because of the bad flu that's run through the family & having lots of other things on my mind. Like you I haven't got off to a great start & am way behind what I'd hoped to accomplish.

  3. Brrrr!!!! I haven't experienced negative temps since I lived in Brooklyn. We're so spoiled here in Cali. But I sure do miss ice skating on an frozen pond, which I got to do upstate NY. : ( And cross country skiing, too. Oh well. I'm a baby now, and I just love the warm weather. I want spring to come now!

    I'm so happy you are reading Don Quixote and Doctor Zhivago, though I won't be upset if you don't end up caring for DQ. Not a lot of people are crazy about it. But I know you'll appreciate Zhivago. : )

  4. speaking from my place of indolence, it's amazing that you can do all that at once… years ago, mrs. M also amazed me by her multitasking; she told me that it was a lady thing, that men can't do it… and years later, after decades of observation, i know she was right… still, a calm mind helps a lot, for me, anyway…

    ps: i've managed to get in one, very cold, bike ride so far this year; quite proud i am of myself, yesss… (i see the missus out of the corner of my eye, laughing to herself…)

  5. I only wish that I had time to huddle!

    From your photos on your February post, it looks like you've been warmer than here. Our weather is usually like that but this year it's chosen to give us a surprise.

  6. Wow, that's hot. I was thinking about that the other day ….. right now we're complaining about the cold, but in another number of months we'll probably be complaining about the heat. Contentment, where art thee? Lol! 😉 I think it's the wild fluctuations in temperature that are more disturbing for me; one day it's -10 C and then a week later it could be 10 C.

    I'm glad to hear that I'm not alone. Let's hope there are better reading days ahead for us!

  7. I am glad that we get to experience different seasonal temperatures here, even though they can surprise us sometimes.

    I've read both Don Quixote and Dr. Zhivago before and have enjoyed both. There is something about Don Quixote that doesn't appear particularly deep to me but I liked reading about his adventures. At some point I must try to discover Harold Bloom's love of the novel. I am trying to like it better with my second read, but honestly I'm not dying to pick it up. Sigh!

  8. I do know a couple of men who can multi-task but yes, I do believe that they're anomalies. A calm mind! What a concept! How do you acquire one? 😉

    Bravo on the bike ride! I just had new pedals put on my bike and they look quite spiffy. I'm raring to go out now for a long ride!

  9. I too have not had much success in reading in Jan…there simply seems to be no time!! I loved the Orwell essay! And I am LOVING The Histories though I progress very slowly! All the best with Doctor Zhivago…let me know how that goes! Oh! And Happy February…here's hoping more reading time for all of us!

  10. I'm so happy to hear that you're loving The Histories. I can't wait until you reach the Indian customs in Part III to get your feedback on it.

    Yes, more reading time would be wonderful!

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