Classics Club Spin #6 ……. The Winner Is ………..

The Classic Club Spin number is #1, which means I get Oedipus at Colonus. This choice is both easy, and not as easy as I expected.  Oedipus at Colonus is the second of Sophocles Three Theban plays.  Well, how can I read the second play without the first?  So I’ve decided that I’m going to read Oedipus Rex, the first play, then Oedipus at Colonus followed by Antigone, the final play.

I am looking forward to it.  I spent some time yesterday micro-scheduling my reading (not that I’ll follow it, but at least I’ll know whether I’m ahead or behind, and by how much), so I think this spin will be quite manageable. And, of course, I get to dip into my beloved Greek literature, so for what more could I ask?

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What is your spin choice?

22 thoughts on “Classics Club Spin #6 ……. The Winner Is ………..

  1. I'm so happy you're reading the Theban Plays they are brilliant. So beautiful and human and tragic.

    I ended up getting Le Morte D'Arthur which is around 1,000 words so that's going to be a challenge.

  2. Yes, I can't wait to start —- I have the book in my hand already (or would have, if I wasn't typing! 😉 )

    Well, your choice has spurred me on to finish Le Morte d'Arthur. It is a challenge but if you get time to sit and actually read it, it's not that difficult. My problem has been finding uninterrupted time lately, which has not helped. But I will keep plugging away at it and will finish it at some point.

    Happy reading!

  3. I've not read any Sophocles, so I'll be interested to see what you make of it. I do have a few plays by him – Electra, Philoctetes, Ajax, and Trachiniae.

    I got The French Lieutenant's Woman.

    (And I seriously need to learn how to spell "Lieutenant" – total block with that word! Not once have I written it from memory!)

  4. I have read Antigone before and it was excellent. Who do we obey when they come into conflict ….. the state or our moral conscience? A good universal question. I also have the DVD in Greek (English subtitles). I'll be glad to have the chance to watch it again.

    I saw that you got The French Lieutenant's Woman through a "you choose" pick. Sadly my time zone was not early enough to vote. It sounds like a good one though.

    Lol! Ah, spelling ……. I get driven nuts because of my spell-correction on my computer. Usually it choses the word I don't want and I'm always having to go back and correct it. I've tried to turn it off many times but strangely it hasn't worked. :-Z

  5. Now that you mention it, I remember your Greek challenge. You read some very interesting material for it. I'll have to check out your list of Greek lit on your blog, in case I can discover something new!

  6. I went on a Sophocles and Euripides bing way back in my teens. I really love much of the ancient Greeks' dramatic works. I should probably revisit them now.

    I hope you enjoy your pick!

  7. Hee hee!

    I've read The Trojan Women and the Orestia by Euripides but I want to expand my reading after this. I haven't read anything by Aeschylus or Aristophanes yet, so they will be soon added to my TBR list.

    I hope you enjoy your book, too! 🙂

  8. It's so nice to learn of other people who have read some Greek tragedy! I always feel like I'm the only one. Yes, Antigone was great and I can't wait to read it again.

  9. Oedipus at Colonus is the only of the Three Theban Plays I haven't read–the other two were assigned school reading, so it's been awhile. One of these days I should really (re)read all three. Good luck and I hope you enjoy!

  10. I'm dreading the book a bit but not overly because I really liked The Sound and the Fury. But it's going to take some effort to read/understand, that is for sure.

  11. Apparently Sophocles wrote Antigone first, then Oedipus the King and then, Oedipus at Colonus. Interesting. Given this new information I'm going to have fun figuring out how they all tie together in that order. Thanks for your wishes, Amanda! 🙂

  12. While I bow my head in shame ….I must admit I've never read Greek Literature. I will read Opedius Rex and follow your spin review. Thanks for the motivation!

  13. What an ambitious spin project! Hope you enjoy it. I really need to try some Greek literature, but for this spin I'll be reading The Bell Jar.

  14. I've started my spin book and the tragedy is already being set up. These plays are actually quite easy reads; the only effort is keeping track of the characters and finding the themes within the context.

    Enjoy The Bell Jar! You've reminded me that I need to read it soon. I've put it off for so long, just like I did with Virginia Woolf, but when I finally read her, I loved her books. I'm hoping that I'll have the same experience with The Bell Jar.

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