Classics Club Spin #5 …………. And The Winner Is …………..!

My excitement has turned to a cold sweat.  I am reading:

No, I haven’t spent the morning breathing into a paper bag, but nearly.  I do want to read this book, just not now.  I have read a number of chunksters lately (War & Peace, David Copperfield, Once & Future King, Ovid, etc.), my reading schedule is on overload and I have been and will be reading so many books on faith this year (my Lewis Project, Paradise Lost, the Pilgrim’s Progress ….) that I was really hoping to get something else.  Is that bad?  In any case, it is what it is.

Okay, I am going to grab my book, get myself a hot cup of tea and a better attitude!  🙂

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Best of luck to everyone on their attempts to complete their Spin!

12 thoughts on “Classics Club Spin #5 …………. And The Winner Is …………..!

  1. Good luck with it 🙂 I've not even heard of it. Looking forward to seeing what you make of it. If you like it, I'll no doubt end up buying it 🙂

  2. I read the first three pages of it and I love it already. Merton's writing is beautiful and very insightful. From what I've read about Merton, he's real and he's honest; I like that. I think it will definitely be a must-read.

  3. It's definitely worth reading; I can tell already. It's on a number of lists and the National Review named it as one of the top 100 books of the century.

    It seems like you got The Odyssey …?? Lucky you! I need to read it again but this time, in a different translation. Happy reading!

  4. This one is on the TWEM biographies – way at the end b/c it's 1948. It gets lots of great reviews; but ,then, I've always been out of the loop when it comes to knowing what's good and what isn't.

  5. You know what, Ruth, I just realized this! I should have left it off the list so it was fresh for our reading through the biographies. I was going to drop it and go with #19 instead, but honestly, it's so good that I think I would like to read it again. Especially since one of our other biography readers pointed out that it will probably be 1 1/2 years before we get to it. So yes, I've gone from "oh, no, what did I get" to "I don't want to put it down". 🙂

  6. It sounds like the book's shaping up to be great and a lot less daunting. I hope it stays wonderful all the way through. Good luck!

  7. I thought about that. If it is that good, and we won't get to it for a long time, it may make a good reread for you. Hey, we're supposed to be reading these books three times anyway, right?

  8. Don't worry. It's not intimidating once you get into it, except perhaps the length. I'm so glad my attitude did a 180 from my original reaction. Now the only thing left to see is whether I can get through it by April 2nd ………

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