Classics Club Spin #10 …………. And the Winning Number is ………..

 Number 5

So the book that I’ll be reading is The History of Napoleon Buonaparte by John Gibson Lockhart.

I’m actually very excited about this choice because it gives me an opportunity to finish this book that I’d already begun to read and had set aside, AND because I’m able to read a non-fiction choice.  I really love non-fiction (and history), yet rarely have the time to read it; my pitiful performance in my Non-Fiction Adventure Challenge will attest to that.

I’m looking forward to spending some time with the great man, Napoleon!

7 thoughts on “Classics Club Spin #10 …………. And the Winning Number is ………..

  1. Ooo, that should be something fun! I too love non-fiction and fail to read as much of the harder books as I would like. See my challenge list for proof!

  2. Right now Bonaparte drives me up the wall….I have been working all year long on this nevvvveeeeerrrrr eeeennnndddddiiiinnnngggg mammoth project, fondly called by the team "Bonaparte"….so I think I will pass this one up for now! But do let me know how it goes…I love history and Napoleon was one of the most prolific actors on the world stage…may be next year when everything is done and dusted, I will pick it up!!

  3. I'm so interested in this book because it was written only 8 years after Napoleon's death. So far Lockhart has given a very fair and even treatment of his exploits.

    I know! Non-fiction always gets pushed to the back-burner, doesn't it? I'll remember to look at your challenge list when I'm feeling badly about mine, to remind me that I'm not alone! 😉

  4. Ha ha! 😀 The moral of the story is ….. never name something at work after something that could be attached to classics. I hope that you are able to conquer "Buonaparte" and then forget that you ever struggled against him. 😉

    This is a great book if you're looking for a bio on Napoleon. A very fair and "sensible" read.

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