New Blog – Old Books

Well, I’ve been blogging for about nine months at Classical Carousel, reviewing classic literature and a few other odds and ends.  Among those classics have been some wonderful children’s books, and reading them has made me realize that I’d like to make a project of reading many more.  Yet, rather than mix the adult classics with the children’s classics, I’ve decided to create a new blog specifically for the children’s literature that I read.  So, may I introduce:

Children’s Classic Book Carousel will not only include reviews of classic children’s books; I also plan to include some basic literary analysis techniques for those readers who may homeschool their children, or perhaps parents who simply want to have some basic guidance to encourage deeper reading.

Children’s Classic Book Carousel won’t be as active as Classical Carousel, but I will attempt to regularly post reviews as I get around to reading the various and sundry children’s classics that inhabit my bookshelves at home.  So please visit my new blog to discover some old, well-loved children’s classics and many others that may be new to you.  You’ll be very welcome!