AWOL ~ Here’s Why …………. Softball Anyone ….. ???

I have been absent from my blog for some time and rather than remain completely silent from my lack of reading, I thought I’d explain the reason for my truancy.

The World Softball Championships are being held in Surrey, B.C. from July 15th to 24th, and I was moved up to the top tier of scorekeeping, scoring the international teams (as opposed to the minor teams, which usually are from Canada and the Western U.S., which I’d previously scored).  So, in addition to being freaked out by my new role, I’ve been roaming parks, scoring ball games for practice and attending a few meetings.

The Championships began this past Friday.  Softball enthusiasts are attempting to get softball (and I believe baseball as well) back into the Olympics, so this is a very important tournament to showcase the sport and prove that it is an international sport and not just a national one.  There are 31 countries participating, so I think just by the turn-out that they’ve proved there is an enormous amount of interest in softball, which is also often called “fastpitch”.

Here is a list of the countries:

Africa (2):  Kenya, Uganda

Americas (10):  Brazil, Cuba, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Perus, United States, Venezuela and Canada (the host)

Asia (6):  China, Chinese Taipei, India, Japan, Pakistan, Philippines

Europe (11):  Austria, Czech Republic, France, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Serbia and Switzerland

Oceania (2):  Australia, New Zealand

So I thought I’d post some updates if I have time, because, as usual, when people and countries come together, there are very interesting stories to be shared.

  • Yesterday my first game was cancelled because Pakistan’s visas were lost in transit from Dubai, so they are stuck and cannot be let into the country without them.  They’re hoping to arrive on Monday, but we’ll see.
  • Kenya arrived with little equipment and only running shoes to wear.  In their game with New Zealand, their pitcher was injured because they didn’t have cleats, so after that game, New Zealand bought them all new cleats, and someone else bought them new equipment.
  • There are about 10 teams who came with no place to stay who are housed in a high school nearby.  They sleep on cots.
  • Team Uganda played against one of our minor U18 teams, who introduced them to the SnapChat face-swap and they went nuts for it.  They had a grand time giving themselves dog faces, face swaps, etc. and in return, Uganda taught the U18s how to dance.
It’s been a great start to the tournament, and after today, the teams get pooled according to their placement in the first three days.  Usually Japan walks away with gold, but we’ll have to see.  They almost lost to Venezuela last night, so one never knows.

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  1. I did not even know that India HAD a soft ball team! Wow! I really really liked how team Uganada and the U18 team bonded! In the hype of commercialization of Sports, we forget, it was originally intended to foster brotherhood among people! Oh! Well! Have fun and keep us updated! This is brilliant!

  2. Here is a classic song that we sing in Holland when any team plays sports. If you see the Dutch, all you have to say is "Hup, Holland, Hup..
    Laat de leeuw niet in z'n hempie staan" (Do our nationsl symbol 'the Lion' proud!)
    Have a great championshipt!

  3. Honestly, India's team looks pretty bad, but it's not too sad. Usually someone will take the weaker teams and work with them to improve them. Venezuela looked TERRIBLE for years until one of the top coaches here worked with them and they beat Canada last night. Embarrassing for us, but good for Venezuela, huh?

    India was in suits for the opening ceremony. Is this a type of national dress?

  4. I'll have to listen for the song. I haven't seen the Netherlands yet. The French are very loud with their singing and usually drown everyone out. 😉

    Thanks for the wishes!

  5. Trust me Cleo when I say that I am not surprised at all that the are bad! In India, with millions of things cramming for attention, the only sport that ever gets any attention and all the money is cricket. In the recent years we have seen Tennis and Soccer to come to the forefront but thats it! I am glad that the team got an opportunity to get an exposure….like you said unless they go to the world and with someone who can improve them, they will never get better! What suits? Like long tunics and pajamas? I am sure Canada will bounce back!its not over till the fat lady sings! 😉

  6. The suits were men's dress suits, complete with ties. I wonder if it was a leftover British influence??? I was puzzled.

    Canada won again tonight over Italy (second best softball team in Europe after the Netherlands), but we'll see what happens when they face the U.S. and Japan.

  7. Wow – I love seeing a new side to your life. Who knew you were into softball? Congrats on getting to be scorekeeper for the world tournament. A friend of mine has a daughter on a college softball scholarship – pitching for University of Massachusetts. I'll have to show him these posts.

  8. Ahhhh…So THIS is what you've been up to! 😉 How exciting!! I'm so fascinated to hear that you're a softball scorekeeper for *international* teams! Wow, what a way to meet so many diverse people.

  9. Yes, who knew? 😉 I've been running around to different ball parks practicing scoring before the tournament, so my reading time has really diminished.

    I wish your friend's daughter was Canadian; judging by the results of this tournament, boy do we need adequate pitchers!

  10. Yes, this is my MIA excuse! 😉 I started scorekeeping for the Canadian Open about 3 years ago and was given a quick promotion this year. I'm happy to say, I did a good job and none of my games needed to be reconstructed. 🙂 It is a big deal though, as we had one scorekeeper and one announcer fired during the tournament.

    I love meeting people so it's the place for me, however, I also like down-time and I was getting a little crowd-sensitive by the end of it. It was certainly a wonderful experience though!

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