April ~ May It Be More Flowers Than Showers

April Flowers and ShowersApril usually brings lots of showers in my part of the country but let’s hope this year the flowers appear early.  It’s been a pretty exciting March and also heading into April.  The keyword is “renovations” and there are many of them.  As you know from my January, February and March update, my new kitchen is under construction and is progressing nicely thanks to the dedicated direction of my colleague.  I’ve been Insulating and drywalling up a storm (well, actually only one wall) and I laid the floor myself.  Otherwise, I’ve had an excellent cabinet installer help with the cabinets and today my new Wolf range went in.  Still to go are countertops and tile, along with various other little tasks.  I’ll be so glad to finally get my kitchen back.  I’ve been living in a house that looks like it’s been hit by a hurricane and so many times I’ve wanted to leave for cleaner pastures, but soon I’ll be able to put everything back in order.  I can’t wait!

Kitchen reno

And the kitchen progresses …. © Cleo @ Classical Carousel

While I’ve spent a few days doing some fun extracurricular activities, because of the renos, I’ve had very little time for anything including reading.  My poor friend on Goodreads is being very patient with me as I finally finished Inferno and am struggling to firmly begin Purgatorio.  Dante’s geographical map of Hell and on which level he places sinners has been very illuminating.  The sins of incontinence (to which carnal sins belong, however gluttony is seen as a worse sin which is very curious, don’t you think?) are not very deep in the structure, however violence, fraud and treachery are in the deepest depths.  It is clear that the sinners are often not placed in Hell for their particular sin but for their inability to take responsibility for their sins and ask for forgiveness; each time they are still blaming someone or something else for their actions.  It makes sense if you think about it …….. how can we be forgiven by God if we think we’ve done nothing to be forgiven for and therefore don’t ask for it?  In any case, Dante has certainly spurred some interesting discussions between the two of us.

Lovely spring day

Lovely spring day
© Cleo @ Classical Carousel

April Reading

My reading plans for April include a readathon with a group on Gooodreads.  And my books?  I’m still reading Agatha Christie’s novels chronologically and am about 70% of the way through The Man in the Brown Suit.  I loved the movie with Stephanie Zimbalist done so long ago and the book is just as good.  It reminds me of an Emerson and Peabody mystery from Elizabeth Peters.  The heroine has spunk and the action rarely stops.  It’s lots of fun to read.  I’m also try to keep up with Ruth’s read-along of Mary Wollestoncroft’s The Vindication of the Rights of Woman.  I quite enjoyed the introduction so I’m looking forward to reading the rest of her arguments. I’m also determined to keep going with my Great Ideas project and will be so relieved when my last post on Darwin is over.  They’ve been educational but I’m more interested in the next set of 5 talks that will be on love.  I can’t wait to hear what Adler has to say about that often capricious emotion.  And speaking of love, this year I really want to read C.S. Lewis’ The Four Loves.  I’m particularly curious about his philosophy on friendship, as I believe he notes that friendship has changed through the centuries and it used to be a much deeper and abiding connection.  Lewis felt because modern people can’t understand this bond, very few experience it.  Interesting, huh?  I’ve been pondering hosting a read-along of it and am wondering if anyone would be interested?  It’s a short book, but knowing Lewis, chock full of nuggets of wisdom and enlightenment.  Well, I will ponder some more.  Happy April, everyone!

Top photo courtesy of Samir Belhamra

18 thoughts on “April ~ May It Be More Flowers Than Showers

  1. The Kitchen looks great! Share a complete done up picture when all set! I need to think about how can we be forgiven by God if we think we’ve done nothing to be forgiven for and therefore don’t ask for it? I mean it is like if I do not think it is a sin, is it a sin? What about conscience then ? And is not some of the morality, more of a human construct? I have to really think through this one! I am also reading with Ruth; the book had been in my TBR forever and now I am wondering why! I am kind of curious of The Four Loves…I am going to see if I can find it….Happy April Cleo! Wishing you a wonderfully glorious spring!

    • I prefer to think of morality as being divinely given, in that we are given an inate set of principles that we can “feel” but we do not always act upon because we are selfsih beings and often act based on our emotions rather than what’s good for ourselves or others. We also neglect to look at the long term effect of behaviour and focus only on the present moment, another error. For example, no one likes to be betrayed, taken advantage of, treated poorly, etc. ….. these feelings are in all of us fromt he start and so, given from God. As for the sinners in Dante’s Hell, I get the impression that when they started on the road of their sin, they probably realized it for what it was but as they went deeper they became more blind to the effect of their actions. It’s almost as if they became less human and more like animals. This is my interpretation, of course. I also think the fact they wish to be forgotten is an indication that a small part of them still realize their errors and see them as sins. It’s unsettling really as on one hand they seem to recognize the sins but at this point they cannot escape from them and sometimes even desire them. ***shiver*** They are given what they chose in life and when the sins are exposed, their full import come to life.

      I’m behind on Vindication but am hoping to catch up soon.

      Happy spring to you too, my friend! Completed kitchen photos hopefully coming up next month!

  2. Glad to hear that you are closing in on that kitchen! Were you long without a stove? Or was it a case of removing the old and putting in the new the same day?

    • I’ve been without a stove for weeks ….. and weeks ….. That means I’ve been eating out alot and choosing easy meals to make. I confess that I’m so sick of granola that I’ll probably need to detox from it for a year! I should have taken a before and after photo of the stoves. The old one was a cheap GE that I’d had for 15 years and the front was bashed out; the new is a Wolf and I now look like I have a professional kitchen. Such a difference!

  3. looking good! lot of work doing all that rebuilding and it’s evident it’s under control… great pictures as always…

    • Thanks, Mudpuddle. I had some missing hinges for the cabinets but they should be on this weekend. For the most part, it’s been fun ….. and if my house wasn’t in such disarray, I’d say it was a blast. But it’s not over. When the kitchen is complete, it will be time for the roof and then putting in a bathroom downstairs. Ah, the neverending tasks of home upkeep!

  4. Somehow I missed The Man in the Brown suit when I was on an Agatha Christie kick… I’ll have to check it out!

    I’d also be interested in a readalong of The Four Loves. Like most other things, it’s been on my TBR for a while. 😉

    • You don’t want to miss The Man in the Brown Suit. I think you’ll really like it.

      That’s great that you’d be interested in a read-along. I was thinking of June since Adam is hosting a read of The Divine Comedy in the summer and The Moby Dick read-along begins in August. Would that work for you?

  5. April always seems such a difficult month, I think because I want it so badly to be proper spring, and the weather’s still flirting with winter. I’d be all for more flowers, less rain! I’m sure you can’t wait to be done with the renovations. Being without a kitchen is no fun.

    I’m not familiar with The Man in the Brown Suit, but it sounds like one for the list. Good luck with all the projects and happy reads!

    • Even with the frustration of not having a kitchen, I’ve actually been enjoying the process. I’ve been able to be part of it and the friend who is assisting me is so proficient and remembers everything, which is a huge help. Strangely, I’ll remember this renovation fondly. 🙂

      The Man in the Brown Suit is a definite keeper. I highly recommend it if you want a light fun read.

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