2014 Challenge Wrap-Ups

While I’ve done some individual wrap-ups for certain challenges (and have some more to go), because I had so many challenges this year, I thought I’d encapsulate them in one big main post.

Chunkster Challenge:                   Goal:  5-6 books    Completed: 11 books
Arthurian Lit Challenge:              Goal:  3-4 books    Completed: 3 books
Back to the Classics:                     Goal:  10 books       Completed: 10 books 
History Challenge:                         Goal:  1-3 books     Completed:  5 books
Russian Lit Challenge:                  Goal:  1-3 books     Completed:  5 books
Books on France Challenge:    Goal:  3 books       Completed:  5 books
TBR Pile Challenge:                       Goal:  12 books      Completed:  10 books
Pre-Printing Press Challenge:    Goal:  4-6 books     Completed:  13 books
Shakespeare Challenge:              Goal:  1-4 books      Completed:  9 books
Around the World Challenge:    Goal:  6 books       Completed:  7 books
C.S. Lewis Challenge:                   Goal:  12 books      Completed:  14 books
British Books Challenge:             Goal: none            Completed:  40 books
Mount TBR Challenge:                 Goal:  24 books     Completed:  55 books
European Challenge:                    Goal:  5 books       Completed:  4 books
52 Books in 52 weeks:                  Goal:  52 books      Completed:  75 books

 So, all in all, and considering the number of challenges I participated in, it wasn’t a bad year.  My fails were the TBR Pile Challenge and the European Reading Challenge.  Yet in other challenges I far exceeded my goals, so I’m pleased.  I made it to Mt. Ararat in the Mount TBR challenge, read a good number of Shakespeare’s plays and did well on my Chunkster and Pre-Printing Press challenges.

I can’t wait to see what 2015 will bring.  Will I be able to finally complete the TBR Pile Challenge 2015?  Will I be able to handle the scope of my challenges:  from English literature to Pre-Printing Press literature to books in translation …..?  I’m going to try for a bit more focus for the coming year and see what I can accomplish!

18 thoughts on “2014 Challenge Wrap-Ups

  1. Thanks, Marianne. My Shakespeare was a rush at the end of the year, my TBR Pile too, so as not to be an embarrassing fail, and my Arthur challenge was a little disappointing, but otherwise a success!

  2. Whoa….that is a superb statistic! Well done, Cleo… and congrats!
    Good luck with your 2015 challenges. I bet you are itching right now to start it right away, eh? I am! *counting hours* 😉

  3. I will probably make 75 books by the end of the year. I feel pretty good about that, considering most of them weren't fluff. I'd like to be able to add a few more fluff books, however I never seem to have the time.

  4. Congratulations! It's amazing how you've stuck to your guns and completed your goals. 10 out of 12 for the TBR Pile is really not bad at all! All the best with 2015. ^_^

  5. Thanks, Saari. I feel good about this year's challenges and since I'll have less than half the number for 2015, I should be able to complete them all. **** crossing my fingers ****

    Happy reading for 2015 to you too!

  6. You sure were busy this year! Congrats on finishing most of your challenges. The TBR challenge didn't work out for me either but I hope next year will be the year I'll be able to tackle it and win.

  7. Well, I'm not sure about that ….. 😉 You'll notice I have six challenges for 2015 (although I may add one more), not counting my Canterbury/Brubury one. Moderation is the word for 2015. I'm not sure that it'll last though …..

  8. It was a good year for ancient texts. This year, probably not so much but I love the Greeks and Romans, so I would naturally do quite well. Thanks for the nice words!

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